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Helen Brutehilde

Battle witch

Height: 5’ 8” (6’ 6” with hat on)

Weight: 152 lbs

Age: 26

Blood type: B

Favorite food: Knuckle sandwich

Fighting style: Bar room brawling

Hobbies: Weight lifting, collecting voodoo dolls, memorizing sweet hexes.

Before the Imagination Bomb went off in Harmon City, Helen was a quiet and reserved woman. She worked hard, but was mostly disliked in the small law firm she worked in. She didn’t join any of the company functions, and her stand-offish attitude made her difficult to work with. Her work performance made sure she was employed, but those around her began to resent her. They chided that she was stuck up and that she refused to show people her softer side.

Little did they know, she didn’t have a softer side.

Whenever she found a moment alone in the office, she would listen to a variety of metal songs just to get her through work hours. And as her resentment of other people built up inside her during the day, she would go to the gym afterwards to burn off the anger that smoldered inside her.

It was a particularly trying day at the office. Her boss had decided that the office had had enough of her attitude, and that she should be told to be nicer to the people around her. And as Helen listened to her boss drone on in his corner office, she saw a flash outside the window in the distance...



Operator 28

Tac knight

Height: 7’ 1”

Weight: 296 lbs

Age: 33

Blood type: A

Favorite food: Scotch egg

Fighting style: Kunst des Fechtens

Hobbies: Whittling, can collecting, feeding stray cats


He was roaming the streets of Harmon City as a homeless man when the Imagination Bomb was detonated. Before that, he was a war veteran. Having joined the service with a sense of justice and a strong conviction, he took his military duty very seriously. What exactly happened overseas is a bit of a mystery, but by the time he had returned home it was long since the light in his eyes had left him.

Once home, 28 drifted away from his friends. His self imposed isolation made him more and more distant. Before he knew it, he was on the streets. Walking aimlessly through the dark alleys of Harmon City. All he wanted was to be able to use his brawn and enthusiasm to do some good in the world. But what came to him was the realization that the “great adventure” he went on so many years ago yielded nothing but guilt and regret.

Though disillusioned by what he saw and had done, he still longs for a battle that is meaningful, and right. He yearns for honor and a chance at redemption.

As his dimension-world begun its descent towards Harmon City, 28 brings with him a simpler world. Where good fights evil. Where the proud stand tall. Where knights slay dragons.




Susan of Slummerville

the lightning bolt of leechmeir

Height: 5’ 2”

Weight: 110 lbs

Age: ?

Blood type: ?

Favorite food: Sashimi

Fighting style: International wrestling

Hobbies: ?


Not much is known about where Susan is from. What is known about her is that her entry to the new Harmon City is very different from all the other inhabitants. She was neither allotted her own pocket dimension, nor did she bring a dimension-world with her.

The few things that can be known about her are learned through observation. Watching her fight, it’s obvious that she was trained by the 7 gods of wrestling. And also that the Imps of the mind don’t have any affect on her.

The Imps of the mind were born from the Imagination Bomb explosion. They crawled out of the  crater created by the explosion, and run around pestering people with impulsive thoughts. Having no affect on Susan, they are drawn to her. Wherever you see susan, you’re bound to see a few imps as well.

Frankly, it’s not known why she’s even there. Whether she’s there to stake a claim of some sort in New Harmon City, or perhaps she’s fighting just for the fun of it.



The Tale of Harmon City


Harmon City was a typical modern metropolis. But when an Imagination Bomb is detonated at the center of the city, Harmon City and its inhabitants are changed forever.

As the blast engulfs the region, the minds of the people start spilling into the reality. Reality cannot hold all the different thoughts and possibilities, and when the content of everyone’s psyche start to collide, each individual is thrusted into their own dimension. In these pocket dimensions, each citizen of Harmon City grow new worlds based on their ideals and desires.


As fast as these worlds started to form, the pocket dimensions begin to re-collapse into reality. The many dimension-worlds start spiraling back into the place from which they came, but Harmon City has only limited space.  The people who were merely residents of the city now have a chance to form their environment, but to do so they need to fight for real estate, as their dimension-worlds will need space to take root in the newly forming Harmon City.






Tag in your teammate or call an assist! Your team mate can use all their normals and specials to assist you. Team communication is important! Also 1v1 and 1v2 modes.


Slamming your opponents into breakable walls or floors causes them to bust, changing the meta by either extending or shortening the stage

tournament focused

User experience and UI focused heavily on eliminating button checks and other nonsense that keep you from competing.


Fast, high energy air play. Air dashing, super jumps, and flying.


Tons of options for combo-crafting and chains. Plus a training room with all the tools you need.


At the cost of one super meter, force your opponent's teammate back into the benched position.

The Team


Eliot Min


Previously of Harmonix, 38 Studios, Disney. Art director, lead animator, unapologetic anime fiend.


Aaron Oak


Previously of Disney, Microsoft, Indie MEGABOOTH. UI design, community management, and anything else the team doesn’t want to do.


Wilson Fermin


Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Marvel vs Capcom 2  tournament veteran. OG from the NE scene. Combat Designer, Hype engineer.

Yusuke Tsutsumi


Currently at Zillow, organizer for 8-Bit History. Engineer, has been known to rap in Japanese.


Koji Tsutsumi


Forms like Voltron with his brother to code solid features. Top tier Soul Calibur beast.


2 Mello


Mashup artist famous for Chrono Jigga, composer on the Read Only Memories soundtrack. Sound engineer.



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