Helen Brutehilde (Battle Witch)
Height: 5’ 8” (6’ 6” with hat on)
Weight: 152 lbs
Blood type: B
Favorite food: Knuckle sandwich
Fighting style: Bar room brawling
Hobbies: Weight lifting, collecting voodoo dolls, memorizing sweet hexes.

Before the Imagination Bomb went off in Harmon City, Helen was a quiet and reserved woman. She worked hard, but was a mostly disliked member of a small law firm. She didn’t join any of the company functions, and her stand-offish attitude made her difficult to work with. Her work performance made sure she was employed, but those around her began to resent her. They chided that she was stuck up and that she refused to show people her softer side.

Little did they know, she didn’t have a softer side.

Whenever she found a moment alone in the office, she would listen to a variety of metal songs just to get her through work hours. And as her resentment of other people built up inside her during the day, she would go to the gym afterwards to burn off the anger that smoldered inside her.

It was a particularly trying day at the office. Her boss had decided that the office had had enough of her attitude, and that she should be told to be nicer to the people around her. And as Helen listened to her boss drone on in his corner office, she saw a flash outside the window in the distance…

Gameplay Design Plans: We plan on making Helen our rush down heavy character. Her high mobility and ability to fly will give her ample opportunities to mix her opponent up. 


Operator 28 (Tac Knight)
Height: 7’ 1”
Weight: 296 lbs
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Scotch egg
Fighting style: Kunst des Fechtens
Hobbies: Whittling, can collecting, feeding stray cats

He was roaming the streets of Harmon City as a homeless man when the Imagination Bomb was detonated. Before that, he was a war veteran. Having joined the service with a sense of justice and a strong conviction, he took his military duty very seriously. What exactly happened overseas is a bit of a mystery, but by the time he had returned home it was long since the light in his eyes had left him.

Once home, 28 drifted away from his friends. His self imposed isolation made him more and more distant. Before he knew it, he was on the streets. Walking aimlessly through the dark alleys of Harmon City. All he wanted was to be able to use his brawn and enthusiasm to do some good in the world. But what came to him was the realization that the “great adventure” he went on so many years ago yielded nothing but guilt and regret.

Though disillusioned by what he saw and had done, he still longs for a battle that is meaningful, and right. He yearns for honor and a chance at redemption.

As his dimension-world begun its descent towards Harmon City, 28 brings with him a simpler world. Where good fights evil. Where the proud stand tall. Where knights slay dragons.

Gameplay Design Plans: Operator 28 is going to be our keep-away zoning character. Using his grenades and long reaching sword, he will have to build up a wall of defense that the other team cannot penetrate. Though his moves are slow, a few of his moves will have the ability to soak up a hit, as long as he is holding on to his shield.


Susan of Slummerville
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood type: ?
Favorite food: Sashimi
Fighting style: International wrestling
Hobbies: ?

Not much is known about where Susan is from. What is known about her is that her entry to the new Harmon City is very different from all the other inhabitants. She was neither allotted her own pocket dimension, nor did she bring a dimension-world with her.

The few things that can be known about her can be known through observation. Watching her fight, it’s obvious that she was trained by the 7 gods of wrestling. And also that the Imps of the mind don’t have any affect on her.

The Imps of the mind were born from the Imagination Bomb explosion. They crawled out of the crater created by the explosion, and run around pestering people with impulsive thoughts. Having no affect on Susan, they are drawn to her. Wherever you see Susan, you’re bound to see a few imps as well.

Frankly, it’s not known why she’s even there. Whether she’s there to stake a claim of some sort in New Harmon City, or perhaps she’s fighting just for the fun of it.

Gameplay Design Plans: Susan is scheduled to be our resident grappler. She may lack the mobility that Helen or Jaren has, but once she gets her hands on you you'll be in a world of pain.


Jaren Mach
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 196 lbs
Age: 22
Blood type: O
Favorite food: Pelau
Fighting style: Track-and-field, street fighting
Hobbies: Running, making shoes, urban exploration

Jaren is always moving forward. His destination is and always has been the title of fastest man alive. As he dashes through the city he's always on the lookout. Always looking for hurdles to overcome. Always looking for a reason to dig deeper. The stronger the opponent the more he must learn, adapt, and evolve. 

The pocket dimension Jaren fights for is one where the creme always rises to the top. A continuous sangsara of competition where those who enter are continuously tested and constantly improve. 

Once his dimension-world hits the ground, he plans on defeating every pocket dimension that reaches Harmon City. He wishes to find the boundaries of the new running abilities he's acquired and knows that competition is most fierce when the stakes are high.

Gameplay Design Plans: Teleport and mix-up character. Equipped with command runs and teleports we plan on Jaren becoming a hard to predict fighter. His supersonic speed will allow him to get into position and lay on the hurt!


Aaralyn Wren (Tactical Bard)

Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 136 lbs
Birthday: July/9
Age: 29
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Meat Pie
Fighting style: Military CQC
Hobbies: Songwriting, Hiking, Stargazing

Of all the military mottos "no one left behind" is the one Aaralyn lives by. She came to Harmon City knowing her old squad mates were missing, and that they needed her help. Coming to the big city and experiencing the I-bomb explosion did little to deter her from her mission to find her friends. She wanders through the streets singing a tune she once sang while the entire squad was huddled around a campfire. Aaralyn hopes her team is waiting for her just around the next block, over the next hill , or down the next street. She sings knowing that even if they can't see her, as long as they can hear this song, their minds will be a little bit at ease.

Gameplay Design Plans: musical execution, buffs her team mate and debuffs her opponents. Long range zoner, weak close up.



Knife Squad (School Girl Crime Syndicate)
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Age: n/a
Blood type: n/a
Favorite food: n/a
Fighting style: peer pressure and bullying
Hobbies: eating sweets, gang muggings

Did the I-bomb change a group of girls, or just create an app and a uniform? Who's in the Knife Squad, or how many members there are is unknown. Members within the knife squad don't even know the names or faces other members. What they do have in common is an app that is terrifyingly simple. Just ping a location and a crime, and like minded miscreants will come wearing their signature yellow coats and cloth draped across their faces. They share no philosophy, nor do they have any higher aspiration. They are unified solely by a camaraderie in causing mayhem together.

Gameplay Design Plans: Playing Knife Squad won't be like playing a single character. You'll have to command an entire team of people. Knife Squad will have the ability to call more members on screen to help out in the fight, and the player will have to dynamically switch which member on screen they are controlling. Her weakness will be that it doesn't matter which member gets hit, they'll all drain the life-bar equally.


Mademoiselle Tireuse (Haute Tactique)
Height: 6’ 2” 
Weight: 134lbs
Age: 25
Blood type: O
Favorite food: Caviar
Fighting style: CQC de la Royale
Hobbies: shopping, runway modeling

500 rounds of ammunition; 200mond, rocket propelled grenades; 350mond, custom tailored padded leather 4 pouch tac vest; 1200mond. Bounty received; priceless (... actually 150mond)

It's not the cost that matters, nor the miles ran, nor the equipment spent. What matters to M. Tireuse is the game. The chase. The thrill of the hunt. The wind in her hair as she kicks down their door, detonates their escape route and slaps her pair of custom milled 22karat white gold handcuffs on them.

For every problem there's a tactic to be devised, and no compromise was made in devising M. Tireuse' tactics. She's good, and she looks good doing it.

Gameplay Design Ideas: Guns, guns and guns. M. Tireuse is never out of cash and she can buy a lot of bullets. Trying to catch an opponent running away from you? She's the best bounty hunter in town.


Goh Hayaku (Speed Daemon)
Height: 5’ 7” 
Weight: 145lbs
Age: 26
Blood type: A
Favorite food: jokbal
Fighting style: kyokushin karate, CQC
Hobbies: tuning his car, downhill racing, sword collecting

The new Harmon city is dark and dangerous. Large areas of the city are mired with blackouts while other areas of the city have become ridden with crime. In this newly forming Harmon city, Goh serves a purpose. He'll deliver Anything you need to wherever it needs to go. He'll accomplish any job at the right price. He doesn't ask questions, and he doesn't make excuses. 

Some say he's a ghost, some say he's a myth. Wherever he goes he leaves his insignia and those who sign it with a meeting place are greeted by his glowing blue eye at midnight. If you do decide to meet him, better bring a bag full of cash because the speed daemon doesn't like to leave the bargaining table empty handed.

Gameplay Design Ideas: In addition to his physical attacks, Goh's glowing blue eye can create energy blasts and summon undead hands from the ground. Using these abilities alongside the car he can call for help will be the secret to Goh's success


Rowan Terry (The Iron Ire)

Height: 4’ 8” 
Weight: 95lbs
Age: 23
Blood type: O
Favorite food: oranges
Fighting style: psycho prison control
Hobbies: reading, watching movies

Having lost both his legs in a car accident, Rowan suffers from acute phantom limb pain. He would often wake from his sleep as the phantom pain would have him dreaming that a meat grinder was chewing on his legs. The loss of his limbs, and the pain he feels every day has fed a monster in him that grows with his hatred of this unfair and random world. Now he flies through the sky in his red terror exacting revenge on a city that chewed him up and spat him out.

Gameplay Design Ideas: The red terror that Rowan rides around in isn't made of any metal anyone is familiar with. It forms to whatever shape is needed for his attacks. Rockets will sprout out when needed to allow him to fly, and ports will open up for when he wants to shoot rockets. Controlling Rowan and his machine will be like piloting a machine of your own. 



Amy Celeste (Cosmic Dancer)
Height: 5’ 9” 
Weight: 147lbs
Age: 19
Blood type : B
Favorite food: pretzels
Fighting style: cosmic flow
Hobbies: dancing, sword juggling

Amy's cosmic dance is what allows her uncanny abilities. Her dance moves tune her dimensional frequency to allow her to slide between dimensions, shuffle through black holes, and glide on solar winds. Amy is now dancing her way through Harmon city converting each pocket dimension to match her own infinite dance club dimension. Sometimes people need plenty of convincing that they love it as much as Amy does, but that doesn't bother Amy.

After all, who doesn't like dancing? 

Gameplay Design Ideas: We're planning on making Amy a lockdown character. Her signature move will be her ability to summon swords that spin around her. What you do with those swords will determine whether or not you'll be victorious!


Kat Smith (Scaredy Kat)

Height: 5’ 6” 
Weight: 112lbs
Age: 22
Blood type: AB
Favorite food: 
Fighting style: run and gun
Hobbies: watching dramas, sleeping

Kat woke up from the I-bomb explosion without remembering what happened. The last thing she remembers is a flash in the distance from her office and then waking up in a hospital after the creation of New Harmon City. She doesn't feel changed, but the world around her has changed. With nothing more than the equipment she can carry and a can-do attitude she must now carve her own path in this new world.

Gameplay Design Ideas: Because of her work with Goh, and her admiration for M. Tireuse, Kat will have many similar moves to both. She's not quite as adept as either of them, but her ingenuity is what will allow her to claim victory.


V-Draken (Svccboi Fupreme)
Height: 5’ 10” 
Weight: 140lbs
Age: 21
Blood type: B
Favorite food: Soondae
Fighting style: harnessing his powerful thirst
Hobbies: reading fashion blogs, picking up girls at funerals

V-Draken doesn't really care for others. He doesn't have friends, nor does he wish to make them. People are just what he uses to solve what really plagues him. His never ending thirst. If he's not lurking around the hypest shoe store In town, you can bet he is thirsty and trying to slide up to some virgin. Surely he has the gift of gab, but beware! If he calls you a friend, make sure you protect your neck, and that he's not sneaking up behind you.

Gameplay Design Ideas: Red life is his energy source and he doesn't care who he gets it from. V-Draken will have moves that can drain the red life from not only his opponents but his team mates as well. The more red life he steals the stronger he becomes!


Mass Taisan (Super Space Karate)
Height: 6’ 10” 
Weight: 520lbs
Age: 41
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Spicy Curry
Fighting style: Cho-Uchuu ryu karate
Hobbies: meditating, hiking, training, stargazing

Mass is a martial artist developing his own Karate system called cho-uchuu-ryu (super space style). His meditation and training have him at the cusp of becoming one with the universe. His techniques are an expression of the energy and flow of the cosmos. He’s uninterested in expanding his pocket dimension through Harmon City but fights to test if his fists can express something true about the nature of reality.

Gameplay Design Ideas: Mass can snap a punch so hard it can open a small black hole and can come down with a flying side kick that smashes the ground like a meteor. His moves are based off the destructive power that exists out in space.