We're Kickstarting!

After nearly 3 years of working on Cerebrawl part-time, we've decided to launch a Kickstarter to help push us into full-time production on the game. Here are the deets:

The campaign will be launching in January! A little less than one month from this post the campaign will go live. All previous donation methods have been removed until after the campaign is finished - no point in taking in donations right now, so if you were planning on donating, hold onto that cash for our Kickstarter!

We're giving away a fightstick! There will be a few social media campaigns leading up to the Kickstarter launch, but the biggest is our giveaway. More details on that coming soon, but expect a stick with original Cerebrawl art and custom etched plexi.

The 5th slot in our roster is open for a community vote! Backing the game on Kickstarter gives you a set of votes to spend on your favorite characters in a tournament-style bracket where one characters takes the 5th slot. Characters are being announced during the weeks leading up to the Kickstarter launch, so keep on eye on our Twitter and Twitch!

Physical merch! We have a lot of merch we're excited about for the campaign that many people have been asking for, including a physical soundtrack, art book, shirts and more.

More music! This part pretty much explains itself, and trust us, it will be dope.

To our current donors: Thank you for getting us this far, we owe you. That being said, if you're an OG donor you can expect special surprises.

We're looking forward to dropping more details as the Kickstarter approaches, so be sure to  give us a follow of all of our socials below so you can stay informed as we reveal more.


Aaron Oak