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Get access to the prototype + alpha + beta + final a thank you note + mailing list access + the OST from 2 Mello + Cerebrawl development podcast + Wallpapers + Discord server accessMORE!




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Pledge $12+ and get access to the prototype, along with updates through to alpha and all the way to the final release.


Get early access to the first 7 songs on our soundtrack by 2 Mello, creator of Chrono Jigga and composer of the Read Only Memories soundtrack - including two previously unheard jams!


Each week you'll get access to our development podcast where we talk about our progress, our inspirations and influences, FGC happenings, and beyond.


Get all of our currently released stage and mood art in giant, high res formats for your PC/phone desktops. 16:9 and 16:10 resolutions included.


Our team primarily uses Discord to collaborate, but we want to make it a big part of our transparency. Get server access and ping us with your questions any time - or just chat with our community!


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Why not Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a sticky situation.
We tossed around a lot of ideas when we thought about getting our game funded, and most of them didn't fit our needs for this project. In the end we decided to run our own campaign. Games cost a lot of money, especially fighting games. The amount we would be comfortable asking for on Kickstarter wouldn't be enough to get a final game finished - probably not even a beta. 
Our project started out with two artists, and because of that a majority of our time was spent on art assets like sprites, stages and concept - all of the art needed to get a prototype finished without any actual programming. We're a year in and finally have some development help on the team, but we need that extra push to get a prototype finished and in the hands of a publisher.
We try to be as transparent with our development as possible. We can't survive without your support, and we want to make sure that the product we deliver in the end feels amazing to play, and has the features you guys want. The prototype you get from this campaign is the same prototype that we'll be presenting to publishers, so you'll be with us during every step of the process from the absolute ground level.
Running our own campaign also means we don't need to spend any time on producing and shipping goods (it's so many hours). You guys can pick and choose the rewards you want without waiting months for us to produce them, and we can put the hours we would have spent producing that stuff into our game instead. Everybody wins!

What does my money go to?

At the very least your money helps keep us alive. Every dollar beyond that goes into hiring artists, engineers, and voices to speed up the development and make a higher quality product. The money pledged to this campaign strictly goes to making the game better.
We won't stop working on Cerebrawl until it's finished, but with your help we can make it better, and faster.

Will I get a final copy of the game?


Why aren't you self-publishing?

We're all game industry vets and know the ins and outs of getting a game from prototype to shipped, but we have no problem admitting that we still have a lot to learn. Beyond the monetary help, it would be great to partner with a publisher that understands what we're doing, that we can learn from, and can give us that extra edge when we ship our game.

What will be in the prototype?

We're focusing on the absolute core, which will be a training room with all normals (jab, strong, fierce, short, forward, roundhouse), dashing, super jumps, juggles, knockdowns, hit and block sparks - all of the basics. Time and money permitting we'll get in some of the larger features like wall slams and breaks, supers, and more. There will be no online play in the prototype, so invite some friends over to body.

What can be expected from the final game?

At the very minimum without publishing support, 8 characters, 5 stages, local and online play, and a training room. With support we can double the amount of characters and stages, plus we can add in arcade/single player, tournament mode, voices - the works!

How can I help?

We get a lot of e-mails from fans asking how they can help us. If you want to help immediately: tell your friends! That's the best possible thing you can do for us right now and we truly appreciate when you guys spread the word. Beyond that, support this campaign so we can deliver on everything we said above, and hit up our contact form - we love getting e-mails from you guys, good or bad!


Have a question? Hit up our contact form or check out our Twitch stream and ask us anything you want when we go live!



Thank you!