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Pledge your support and get the full game on release, prototype with bi-weekly updates, the soundtrack from 2 Mello and more!



Get access to the prototype + alpha + beta + final + mailing list access + the OST from 2 Mello + Cerebrawl development podcast + Wallpapers + Discord server accessvote in the character tournamentMORE!




Pledge and get access to the prototype, along with updates through to alpha and all the way to the final release.


Get early access to our soundtrack by 2 Mello, creator of Chrono Jigga and composer of the Read Only Memories soundtrack, updated over time with a final edition when the game is released.


Each week you'll get access to our development podcast where we talk about our progress, our inspirations and influences, FGC happenings, and beyond.


Get all of our currently released stage and mood art in giant, high res formats for your PC/phone desktops. 16:9 and 16:10 resolutions included.


Our team primarily uses Discord to collaborate, but we want to make it a big part of our transparency. Get server access and ping us with your questions any time - or just chat with our community!


Get exclusive updates on our progress, art, notes from the team, and more! Our mailing list is the best place to hear about everything we're working on.






What does my money go to?

At the very least your money helps keep us alive. Every dollar beyond that goes into hiring artists, engineers, and voices to speed up the development and make a higher quality product. The money pledged to this campaign strictly goes to making the game better.
We won't stop working on Cerebrawl until it's finished, but with your help we can make it better, and faster.

Will I get a final copy of the game?


What will be in the early access version?

Early access:

  • 4 characters

  • 2v2, 1v2 and 1v1

  • Full gameplay features including stage breaks

  • Local play

  • Online play (GGPO)

  • Training room

  • Original soundtrack with guests

  • Character VO

  • Steam early access release

With enough funding, the full game will have:

  • 4 more characters (full roster of 8 at release)
  • 4 more stages
  • Tournament mode
  • Extended soundtrack
  • Story mode
  • Arcade mode
  • Currency system (Salty Bet style gambling, ranked match payouts, currency leaderboards)
  • Console release

When does the character vote begin?

The character vote will start March 13th and ends April 3rd. Get your donation in now so you can be sure to take part in the vote!

I'm short on cash and still want to help - what can I do?

We get a lot of e-mails from fans asking how they can help us. If you want to help immediately: tell your friends! That's the best possible thing you can do for us right now and we truly appreciate when you guys spread the word.


Have a question? Hit up our contact form or check out our Twitch stream and ask us anything you want when we go live!



Thank you!